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Today begins the test run for the website's all new compatibility for mobile devices! I've linked the first 10 historical markers to this new mobile device format for the time being as a test run. In time, all historical markers will be converted to this format. Keep in mind I am still keeping the website as you see it now for non-mobile devices, such as home computers, but all mobile devices, including tablets and iPads, will view the website using this new format. In time, the entire website will be re-designed for viewing mobility. This new format is the just the tip of the Nevada iceberg, my friends.

Before seeing the changes here, I recommend reading below so you'll be prepared for the dramatic changes you will see in this new, interactive format ... in order as you view the page.

  • Mobile Navigation bar -- Ready for this? All contents from the website will be available from this single navigation bar. You'll notice two menus, the left "Marker" menu, strictly for the markers, and the right "Gateway" menu, used to access all other website contents (Links, Superlatives etc.) Building and designing this navigation bar alone was two months of work to ensure easy and fluid navigation throughout the website. I think you'll be happy with the results.
  • Responsive Slideshow -- This single slideshow can be viewed with your device turned either sideways or traditionally up-and-down. You'll notice many of these images are fresh and vibrant, but all of them are fast-loading and perfect on-the-go. The sliders will not only feature my work, but visitors will be able to contribute their own photos for use as well!
  • County Page -- The traditional link to the county page.
  • GPS Geocache Link -- Swiping or hitting any GPS will take you directly to an overlay Google map instantly. While mostly useless right now, this feature will integrate the marker page into my several (and highly popular) "Marker Roadtrips." (This feature was created solely for my loyal geocaching viewers.)
  • Social Media Integration and "Instant" Email -- Emailing me personally has never been easier. Look for the envelope icon at the bottom of the screen and a quick pop-up window that never ever lags will overlay on the screen. That's not all. Look at the bottom of the page to find consistent access to social media. "Like" or "Share" this page with your Facebook friends, any time, any where. Nevada Landmarks also links to Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, and Pinterest with buttons. All of my essays, short stories, or other work contributed by other users can be shared across this web from one single page here.
  • Geodirections -- This is by far the most innovative change to each marker page, and quite possibly the first thing you will notice. The former "Directions" box will be eliminated. Now, Nevada Landmarks will ask you to "allow your location" and the website will instantly plot the most direct route for you to that particular marker within seconds. No lag, no mistakes, and minimal cookies (less than 2kb). There is even a pull down menu after its plotted its route, complete with mile by mile directions and overall mileage to and from the marker, wherever you are! You must allow the website to "Allow" access to your device's location for this feature to work.
  • Contents Accordion -- To keep space limited in the realm of mobile browsing, the majority of the marker's content will be hidden within this extensive drop-down accordion -- the most important part of the entire page. I've selected an accordion that will open and close quickly without lag, allowing only one tab to opened at a time. Within this accordion you'll find all the information you need for a successful conquering. We think you'll be more than pleased with what you find ...
    "About" describes the marker's history past to present and it's current shape with an all new rating system. Yes. You can even rate the marker according to your own personal visit! The marker's overall rating will update itself every week! (Due to the popularity of my former rating system, this all new interactive rating feature was a request that I graciously included.)
    "Exact description" records the exact text as seen on the marker's plaque. New to the website, I've also added the marker's partners and sponsorships.
    "Nearby Markers" lists off the nearest markers closest to that particular marker. Included are exact mileages and drive times. (This is a request that I received several emails about.)
    "Comments" represents your time to shine! This awesome features allows each marker to have its own personal blog and allows you to start your own personal blight about that particular marker and other users can then continue the chain. All comments are by default linked to Facebook, but I have enabled the option to either share your comment on your wall, or keep it private here ... thus essentially, on the marker's own personal Facebook wall. Pretty cool, huh? Of course, traditionally, this is where you'll find my own "Journal Entry" from my six-year marker journey.
    "Silver State Tales" is provides a short, fascinating article related to the marker's content or surrounding country. This idea was inspired by several Nevada high school students. Yes. You can also "Like" or "Share" these throughout the web as well.

Thought that was swell? We're just getting started. Keep in mind what you've read are just the marker pages! Folks, your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated at this time. If there's anything you'd like to see added, or possibly things that didn't agree with you, please Email me. I've added this test run for a reason and it your time to shine. Thank you as always for your patronage to our state's heritage!

Markers 1-10 here!

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A good guide is essential for the marker hunter and the best one I've found is Nevada-Landmarks by Paul Sebesta of Carson City. When I say Sebesta's site is good, I mean extensive. You won't find another single source for more information about Nevada's history."
-- Stanley White, About.com Guide (About.com, Reno/Tahoe)

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