Marker by Numbered List (1-135)

Search Nevada's historical markers by numbered list! There are two markers that are designated as "unassigned" -- numbers that are currently not being used by the State Marker System. This listing catalogs the current status of all markers in the State Marker System as of 2014 based on my personal findings and records. Please check back here throughout the year as the status of any of these markers may change!

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NumberMarkerCountyGPSSpecial Notes
[1] Empire and Carson River Mills Carson City N39.18760' W119.7061' Town Link -- Empire
[2] Pioneer Memorial Park Humboldt N39.11144' W119.42229'   
[3] West End of Hastings Cutoff Elko N40.76607' W115.91984'   
[4] Junction House Washoe N39.29329' W119.47685'   
[5] Pioche Lincoln N37.55604' W114.26953'   "Post No Bills"
[6] El Dorado Canyon Clark N35.42587' W114.49605'  Superlative!
[7] Dayton Lyon N39.14106' W119.35217' Town Link -- Dayton
[8] Austin Lander N39.29900' W119.04716' Town Link -- Austin
[9] Copper Country White Pine N39.17010' W114.57513' Missing
[10] Sand Mountain Churchill N39.27508' W118.41313' Missing
[11] Eureka Eureka N39.49991' W115.95822' Town Link -- Eureka
[12] Nevada's Birthplace Douglas N39.00506' W119.76048' Former MIA -- Found in 2010
*Private Property*
[13] The Comstock Lode Storey N39.18582' W119.38505'   
[14] Goldfield Esmeralda N37.70752' W117.23377'   
[15] Tonopah Nye N38.04017' W117.13744'   
[16] Mineral County Mineral N38.41422' W118.46245'   
[17] Pershing County Pershing N40.10489' W118.28359'   
[18] Pyramid Lake Washoe N39.29329' W119.47685'   
[19] Ragtown Churchill N39.50559' W118.91932'   
[20] Columbus Esmeralda N38.08580' W119.56528' Missing
Town Link -- Columbus
[21] The Humboldt Canal Humboldt N40.58557' W117.43362' *Confusing Signage*
[22] Humboldt River Humboldt N41.00999' W117.34409'   
[23] Humboldt House Pershing N40.35555' W118.15059' *Confusing Placement*
[24] Olinghouse Washoe N40.50140' W117.10197' *Unconfirmed Marker*
[25] Nevada's Capitol Carson City N39.16411' W119.76645'   
[26] Forty Mile Desert Churchill N39.94021' W118.75087'   
[27] Grimes Point (Prehistoric Rock Art Site) Churchill N39.24098' W118.38836'   "Stone Secrets"
[28] Mark Twain Storey N39.18363' W119.38589'   
[29] Chinese in Nevada Washoe N39.32084' W119.45207'  Superlative!
[30] Reno Washoe N39.31454' W119.48741'   
[31] Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) Clark N36.48244' W114.04123' *Confusing Placement*
[32] Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) Clark N36.10190' W115.08523' Missing
*Private Property*
[33] Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) Clark N36.02810' W115.24386'   
[34] Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) Clark N36.01762" W115.50472"   
[35] Las Vegas Mormon Fort and Rancho Clark N36.10190' W115.08523' Missing
Nevada's Oldest Building
*Fee Required*
[36] Moapa Valley Clark N36.37997' W114.29535' *Adjacent to Private Property*
[37] Powell of the Colorado Clark N36.18454' W114.25227'  Superlative!
*Fee Required*
[38] Pahranagat Valley Lincoln N37.21733' W115.09542'   
[39] Panaca Lincoln N37 47.410" W114 23.285"   
[40] Las Vegas (The Meadows) Clark N36.09563' W115.11523' Missing
[41] Pueblo Grande de Nevada Clark N36.31080' W114.25581'   
[42] Big Smoky Valley Nye N36.54356' W116.45348'   
[43] Derby Diversion Dam Washoe N39.35342' W119.26770' Missing
[44] Carson City Carson City N39.16398' W119.7668'   
[45] Humboldt Wells Elko N41.11777' W114.97818'   
[46] Pilot Peak Elko N40.84396' W114.20743'  Superlative!
[47] Fort Halleck Military Reservation (1867-1886) Elko N40.95617' W115.46596'   
[48] Tuscarora Elko N41.28083' W116.11372'   
[49] Applegate-Lassen Emigrant Trail Cutoff Pershing N40.39079' W118.09566'   
[50] Carlin Canyon Elko N40.72963' W116.02081'   "Leaving"
[51] Schellbourne White Pine N39.15936' W114.52427'   
[52] Cherry Creek White Pine N39.15936' W114.52427'   "Louisa's Cabin"
Town Link -- Cherry Creek
[53] Hamilton White Pine N39.21218' W115.23670'   
[54] Ward Mining District White Pine N39.05200' W114.45102'   "Remembering Ward"
[55] Caliente (Culverwell's Ranch) Lincoln N37.36864' W114.30754' Town Link -- Caliente
[56] Virgin Valley Clark N36.48248' W114.04110'  Superlative!
[57] Old Boundary (Nevada's Southern Boundary) Lincoln N37.02664' W114.59100'   
[58] Old Boundary (Nevada's Southern Boundary) Nye N37.00072' W116.43333'   
[59] Stokes Castle Lander N39.29361' W117.04478'   
[60] Hawthorne (Present Mineral County Seat) Mineral N38.41422' W118.46245'   
[61] Mound House Lyon N39.12503' W119.40122'   
[62] Truckee River - West Washoe N39.30567' W119.56217'  Superlative!
[63] Truckee River - East Washoe N39.33005' W119.34416'   
[64] Ophir Nye N37.00072' W116.43333'   
[65] Palisade Eureka N40.60030' W116.17801'   
[66] Jacobsville Lander N39.29343' W117.11020'   
[67] Austin Churches Lander N39 29.461" W117 04.169.0"   
[68] Wadsworth Washoe N39.16282' W119.50446'   
[69] Jarbidge Elko N40.50383' W114.12270' Marker Trip to Jarbidge
[70] Bliss Mansion Carson City N39.16725' W119.77205'   
[71] Methodist Church of Carson City Carson City N39.16461' W119.76954'   
[72] Nevada State Children's Home Carson City N39.09601' W119.45863'   
[73] Unknown Soldiers Elko N41.26180' W114.19335' Marker Trip to Montello
[74] Wellington Lyon N38.45069' W119.22139'   
[75] Government Building (1888-1970) Carson City N39.16613' W119.76679'   
[76] Eagle Valley Carson City N39.12479' W119.76759'   
[77] Dat-So-La-Lee Carson City N39.11927' W119.75307' *Confusing Signage*
[78] Orion Clemens Home Carson City N39.16659' W119.76953'   
[79] Civil War Plot Washoe N39.32168' W119.49192'   
[80] Eureka County Courthouse Eureka N39.51243' W115.96098'   "Days of Downtown"
[81] Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Tree Washoe N39.32182' W119.48887' *Confusing Placement*
[82] Diamond Valley Eureka N39.30741' W115.57659' Town Link -- Diamond Valley
[83] Rock Creek (Cold Springs Station) Churchill N39.23411' W117.51264'   
[84] Jedediah Strong Smith (Western Wilderness) White Pine N39.16305' W118.24482' Missing
[85] Sutro Lyon N40.50140' W117.10197' Missing
[86] Tule Springs (Archaeological Site) Clark N35.00855' W114.39710' *Fee Required*
[87] Savage Mansion (c.1863) Storey N39.18321' W119.39062'   
[88] Sparks Washoe N39.32290' W119.45992'   
[89] Paradise Valley Humboldt N40.58557' W117.43362'   
[90] Delamar "The Widow Maker" (1893-1909) Lincoln N39.16305' W118.24482' Missing
Town Link -- Delamar
[91] Stewart Indian School (1890-1980) Carson City N39.11927' W119.75488' *Confusing Signage*
[92] Candelaria & Metallic City Mineral N38.16734' W118.05989' Town Link -- Candelaria
[93] Panaca Mercantile Store Lincoln N37.47424' W114.23223'   
[94] The Winters Ranch (Rancho del Sierra) Washoe N39.16305' W118.24482'   
[95] Battle Mountain Lander N40.38514' W116.56040' Town Link -- Battle Mountain
[96] Round Mountain Nye N37.00072' W116.43333'   
[97] Manhattan "The Pine Tree Camp" Nye N38.35778' W116.52550'   "Manhattan"
[98] Osceola (1872-1940) White Pine N39.04280' W114.26973'  Superlative (x2)!
[99] Taylor White Pine N39.05333' W114.45170'   "Taylor"
[100] Northern Nevada Railway White Pine N39.15936' W114.52427'   
[101] Millers Esmeralda N38.08428' W117.27266'   
[102] Goodsprings Clark N35.49936' W115.26061'   
[103] Gypsum Cave Clark N40.50140' W117.10197' Missing
[104] The Camel Corps Clark N35.10328' W114.42649'  Is it a Superlative?
[105] Golconda Humboldt N40.56548' W117.29118' *Adjacent to Private Property*
[106] Elko Elko N40.84149' W115.75342'   
[107] Elko Airport (First Commercial Air Mail Route) Elko N40.82884' W115.78002'   
[108] Ruby Valley Pony Express Station (Reconstructed) Elko N40.84180' W115.75315'   
[109] Lamoille Valley Elko N40.72813' W115.47871'   
[110] Wagon Jack Shelter Churchill N39.30229' W117.88317'   
[111] Edwards Creek Valley Churchill N39.31811' W117.43569'   
[112] Carlin Elko N40.71056' W116.11861' Town Link -- Carlin
[113] Wabuska Lyon N39.08614' W119.10908'   
[114] Franktown Washoe N39.16282' W119.50446' Town Link -- Franktown
[115] Potosi Clark N36.00062' W115.29125' *Confusing Placement*
[116] Searchlight Clark N35.28155' W114.55396' *Private Property*
[117] Kingsbury Grade Douglas N38.57930' W119.50381'   
[118] Luther Canyon (Fay Canyon) Douglas N38.87142' W119.81118'   
[119] Reul Colt Gridley (Citizen Extraordinaire) Lander N39.29220' W117.03466'   
[120] Walley's Hot Springs Douglas N38.98072' W119.83346' *Private Property but accessible*
[121] Mottsville Douglas N38.93130' W119.84002' *Adjacent to Private Property*
[122] Sheridan Douglas N38.90108' W119.82577'   
[123] Cradlebaugh Bridge Douglas N39.04678' W119.78020' Missing
[124] Boyd Toll Road Douglas N38.98766' W119.77904'   
[125] Twelve Mile House Douglas N38.90562' W119.7064'   
[126] Double Springs Douglas N38.79115' W119.59751'  Superlative!
[127] Courthouse Site (1865-1907) Lyon N38.45069' W119.22139'   
[128] The Great Train Robbery Washoe N39.31047' W119.59307'   
[129] Gardnerville Douglas N38.94048' W119.74913' Town Link -- Gardnerville
[130] Minden Douglas N38.95276' W119.76187'   
[131] Dresslerville Douglas N38.90562' W119.70643' Town Link -- Dresslerville
[132] Mackay Mansion Storey N39.18398' W119.39013' *Possible Private Property Issues*
[133] Fish Lake Valley Esmeralda N38.08428' W117.27266' Town Link -- Fish Lake Valley
[134] Trans-Sierran Pioneer Flight (March 22, 1919) Carson City N39.17253' W119.74875'   
[135] New Pass Station Churchill N39.34045' W117.30614'   
[136] Toquima Cave Lander N39.23597' W116.56310'   
[137] Hickison Summit Lander N39.26664' W116.44589'  Superlative!
[138] Belmont Nye N38.35778' W116.52550' Town Link -- Belmont
[139] Old Spanish Trail (Journey of Death) Clark N40.50140' W117.10197' Missing
[140] Old Spanish Trail (Garces Expedition) Clark N35.11547' W114.51086'  Superlative!
[141] Old Spanish Trail (Armijo's Route) Clark N36.05861' W114.54277' *Adjacent to Private Property*
[142] Old Spanish Trail (Mountain Springs Pass) Clark N36.05861' W114.54277'   
[143] Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins (1844-1891) Humboldt N40.56548' W117.29118' *Possible Private Property Issues*
[144] Fort McDermitt Humboldt N41.56577' W117.42456'  Superlative!
[145] Unionville (Pershing County) Pershing N40.26590' W118.04182'   
[146] McDermitt Indian Reservation (Northern Paiute) Humboldt N39.16305' W118.24482' Missing
[147] A Home of Early Man Churchill N39.94001' W118.749547'   
[148] The Two Battles of Pyramid Lake Washoe N39.44575' W119.19547' Missing
[149] High Rock Canyon Washoe N41.22634' W119.48872' Missing
[150] Nevada's First State Park Clark N36.25800' W114.30837' *Fee Required*
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